Strangers Become Neighbors Through Disaster Recovery
CONNECTD uses technology to capture the human reaction to help one’s neighbor after a disaster. By enabling simple acts of human kindness, CONNECTD provides essential recovery relief and catalyzes a lasting culture of kindness.

In times of disaster, people are instinctually drawn to help one another. Strangers become neighbors, and differences disappear. But how can people find each other? And what should they do to help?


CONNECTD is a web-based platform that deploys rapidly to capture the short-lived outpouring of support that immediately follows a disaster. By channeling the desire to help into actual, simple acts of human kindness, CONNECTD brings about the largest possible disaster-recovery effort at the grassroots level.


CONNECTD is like a disaster recovery dating app where survivors post requests for support, and 'helpers' search or scroll through 'opportunities' and swipe to accept or reject. It has social media tie-ins to encourage new user adoption and is gamified to drive continued user engagement.  

Victims can post their individual needs. Organizations can request supplies. And community members who want to help can volunteer their services and resources. Overtime, CONNECTD evolves to meet the changing needs of long-term disaster recovery.




Temporary housing, spare bedrooms, rental options


Manual labor, clean up, childcare, drivers, repairs


Clothing, toiletries, tools, household goods, furniture, appliances


Legal, insurance, health and wellness, business support, financial counseling


Free food, food pantries, meals for first responders


Boarding and care taking, food and supplies, evacuation support


CONNECTD helps communities respond to and heal from disaster. Existing disaster response efforts are largely focused on the recovery of victims. CONNECTD revolutionizes the way communities respond to disaster by focusing its efforts on capturing and channeling the incredible swell of community support.

In the first days following a disaster, people are instinctually drawn to help one another. Everyone wants to DO something, but nobody knows what or how. And many doubt that their small contribution will have a meaningful impact.

CONNECTD’s easy-to-use web interface makes the act of helping so easy to achieve and the impact of that help on others so immediate that grassroots disaster recovery efforts are exponentially effective. But the results don’t end with disaster response.


We believe the act of helping someone in need turns strangers into neighbors, builds stronger communities and creates a lasting culture of kindness.


“Everyone wanted to help, but nobody knew how."


Disaster recovery is unimaginably big. The need is so great, and we all have a part to play. CONNECTD organizes grassroots recovery, focusing on peer-to-peer solutions, channeling simple acts of kindness. We focus on the micro-recovery support that is too small for larger agencies. There are also many victims who slip through the cracks of our institutional partners:

  • People in non-traditional living situations who can’t provide proof of address, such as someone sleeping on the couch of a friend during tough times.

  • Survivors with losses that don’t fit standard recovery efforts, such as a gardener whose entire book of business is lost
    in a fire.

  • Individuals who realize the magnitude of their loss only after the window of support has closed. (Did you know that disaster victims only have x days to apply for FEMA aid?)